We have positions available on our editing, writing, formatting and publicity teams. Just find the right application below. The deadline to apply for all positions is October 8th.

Associate Editor for The Globe’s journal: 

The Globe’s editing team selects and prepares the papers which will be published in the print journal at the end of the semester. Once papers are selected, each editor will be paired with an author and meet with that author two to three times before the end of the semester. Editors will also attend team meetings on an as-needed basis throughout the semester. Editors are expected to have an excellent command of written grammar, style, and organization.

Associate Editor for The Compass, our online content:

As an editor for The Compass, you will be expected to edit work from all staff writers, as well as maintain a steady workflow between writers.

Staff Writer for The Compass: 

As a staff writer for The Compass, you will produce articles for the online journal on a three-week cycle. You will be responsible for meeting the writing and editing guidelines, and creating scholarly works that meet The Compass’ standard of excellence.

Formatting Editor:

As a formatting editor for The Globe, you will play a vital role in putting together our print journal every semester. Most of our work comes towards the end of the semester once the writing submissions are edited. We primarily use Adobe InDesign to format, but any and all experience is welcome.